The Use of Video in Marketing – Using an Agency

People respond to video. This of course includes your potential customers. This is particularly true online, where studies have found many users are reluctant to read extended pieces of text content. Whilst it may be important for your websites visibility through search engines to have text content on your page, when it comes to real users’ behaviour on your site, video content conveys information quickly, persuasively and keeps them there longer.

Agencies are the Cost Effective Solution

The vast majority of companies won’t have in house teams to put together video content, whether it is for online purposes, on the landing page or home page of a website for example, or whether it is for a broadcast commercial. This is both for reasons of budget (why pay for a team of experts on your wage bill for a whole year when you’re only likely to need them for short periods of it) and also because agencies offer a level of additional expertise having done this so many times before, and likely for clients, or purposes, like yours. This previous knowledge of what’s required to make your video work is part of the expertise that you pay for with an agency, whereas an in house team might not be able to boast experience from working with the breadth of projects.

Using an agency is the cost effective solution for creating tailored video content for your needs, without having to put up the money for a permanent in house team. Depending on your budget, there are also further ways to make your money go further.

Considering the Different Video Options

Many video agencies offer a variety of different services when it comes to the creation and style of the video. Using character animation and motion graphics for example is a very cost effective way of creating video. The reduced cost from camera equipment and editing, lighting and the need for a team either in the studio or on site is noticeable in the price. That’s not to say that all video that use some digital graphics are cheaper.

At the other end of the spectrum is the higher budget option of mixing camera footage with sophisticated animation or computer generated imagery. Some of the more spectacular adverts seen on television feature a mix of footage and animation, with the increase in cost of production largely dictated by the need for more photorealistic imagery to go along side real imagery. Whilst the blend of cartoon style graphics with organic footage might be an interesting look to play with, if the situation isn’t right, it can look incongruous.

Finding the Right Video Agency for your Needs

Ask colleagues or contacts in the industry for recommendations or search for an agency to work with in your area, most cities will have a concentration of video and content agencies to choose from, giving you options to consider and a variety of price points. In Leeds for example, there’s Manto Films , Motiv Productions  and Doodle Direct, who all specialise in creating video content, whether its animated ‘explainer’ videos, or client testimonials or case study films. So have a look at your agencies examples and consider whether the budget options might work for your campaign, or if you might need to invest in a top of the range piece of video.