Marketing Materials for Events- Get Yourself Recognised

There’s an old rule in marketing, that you might have come across before. The rule suggests that a consumer has to see a brand or name seven times before they feel a familiarity enough to buy. This is known as the rule of seven, you can read a little more about it here. Whilst paying for advertising through traditional means is one way to get your name in front of customers whether in a Business to Business or Business to Consumer context, a more efficient way to get your name in front of people who matter is through using marketing materials well in events where you have a captive or passing audience. Eye grabbing branded displays have a gradual and subtle effect in establishing your name and brand with your target groups.

Where does this approach work?

So how about some practical examples of how to implement this approach? Well, a clear example is a trade events or fairs. If you’re a young company especially, this can be a vital opportunity to get your name and brand impressed upon other visitors and displayers. With passing foot fall responding to attention grabbing displays, drawing the eye of visitors and letting them know who you are.

Similarly, this is a great way to attract some attention to shop windows. With the Tour de Yorkshire coming up, Norton and Townsend, a tailors in Ilkley put together the below image in anticipation. This is a great way to grab some attention towards a business and create a conversation. Whilst traditional marketing materials such as balloons are suitable here, for props and other dressing materials for a window display, try a visit to the nearest theatre or playhouse. West Yorkshire Playhouse is a useful Leeds example who rent out materials for displays, photo shoots and window displays.

Window display marketing

What options are there?

Above your stand or display, consider a balloon arch for example. More often than not suppliers will be able not only to brand materials in your colour scheme, but customise them with names and messaging. Look up suppliers in your area, within Leeds many work with Funky Muppet. Balloon lettering is another way to grab attention and help to establish a brand and name familiarity.

Typically, a local supplier will have a wide variety of more specific options for corporate balloon choices. With arches and displays in the shape of a house outline being ideal for an estate agents for example, use your imagination and consider what might best represent your brand or draw the attention of your audience.

Having foot fall and an audience in front of your to target presents a different challenge from reaching them through other channels, but can offer great value for money if you make the most of your presence. An investment in physical marketing materials can pay dividends if you make an impression and stick in the minds of the right people.