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Marketing Materials for Events- Get Yourself Recognised

There’s an old rule in marketing, that you might have come across before. The rule suggests that a consumer has to see a brand or name seven times before they feel a familiarity enough to buy. This is known as the rule of seven, you can read a little more about it here. Whilst paying for advertising through traditional means is one way to get your name in front of customers whether in a Business to Business or Business to Consumer context, a more efficient way to get your name in front of people who matter is through using marketing materials well in events where you have a captive or passing audience. Eye grabbing branded displays have a gradual and subtle effect in establishing your name and brand with your target groups.

Where does this approach work?

So how about some practical examples of how to implement this approach? Well, a clear example is a trade events or fairs. If you’re a young company especially, this can be a vital opportunity to get your name and brand impressed upon other visitors and displayers. With passing foot fall responding to attention grabbing displays, drawing the eye of visitors and letting them know who you are.

Similarly, this is a great way to attract some attention to shop windows. With the Tour de Yorkshire coming up, Norton and Townsend, a tailors in Ilkley put together the below image in anticipation. This is a great way to grab some attention towards a business and create a conversation. Whilst traditional marketing materials such as balloons are suitable here, for props and other dressing materials for a window display, try a visit to the nearest theatre or playhouse. West Yorkshire Playhouse is a useful Leeds example who rent out materials for displays, photo shoots and window displays.

Window display marketing

What options are there?

Above your stand or display, consider a balloon arch for example. More often than not suppliers will be able not only to brand materials in your colour scheme, but customise them with names and messaging. Look up suppliers in your area, within Leeds many work with Funky Muppet. Balloon lettering is another way to grab attention and help to establish a brand and name familiarity.

Typically, a local supplier will have a wide variety of more specific options for corporate balloon choices. With arches and displays in the shape of a house outline being ideal for an estate agents for example, use your imagination and consider what might best represent your brand or draw the attention of your audience.

Having foot fall and an audience in front of your to target presents a different challenge from reaching them through other channels, but can offer great value for money if you make the most of your presence. An investment in physical marketing materials can pay dividends if you make an impression and stick in the minds of the right people.

The Importance of Marketing in Recruitment

The discipline and industry of marketing and PR are broadly divided into two areas. Business to Consumer marketing and Business to Business marketing. An area of Business to Business (or B to B) marketing that is sometimes overlooked, or rather an advantageous side effect of it, is the way it aids recruitment.

The art of managing your reputation and building your profile within your industry and to other businesses requires a different set of skills and emphasis from selling to consumers and to the public at large. Whilst B to B marketing will enhance the impression that potential clients and partners in the industry will have of you, it also shapes the way you’re considered by the employees of rivals. You need to project the qualities and culture of your company it such marketing materials, not only because this will be a factor in other business’ making decisions on whether they want to work with you, but because an industry is made of up of potential future employees.

If you’re a marketing agency with an emphasis on B to B clients then this is a factor which you need to make the most of when making a case to your clients. In terms of selling the merits of your work, curating a positive impression of your clients business to the industry’s talent pool is often overlooked but actually significant. Most companies you’ll deal with will consider this an element of human resources work, and it might not even be something that an in house marketing team would consider. To them, this is something that a recruitment agency will deal with, rather than a marketing one.

The lesson here is that a good agency in either marketing or recruitment will understand the relationship between the two. If you look at an agency such as Peak Recruitment for example, who specialise by industry and region, an element of their work which they emphasise is the way that they sell the company to the talent pool in their respective industry’s. Enticing the best talent for the top positions, especially for younger company’s requires an element of marketing to really sell the benefits and opportunities of working at your or your client’s company.

Don’t undersell the benefits that your B to B marketing work has on creating a promising and enticing profile of your clients business, not just to the market but to the industry’s top talent, if they want their company to thrive, their reputation amongst industry professionals is the corner stone to their success. Make sure this is another factor you can flag to hit home the quality of service you offer.

The Use of Video in Marketing – Using an Agency

People respond to video. This of course includes your potential customers. This is particularly true online, where studies have found many users are reluctant to read extended pieces of text content. Whilst it may be important for your websites visibility through search engines to have text content on your page, when it comes to real users’ behaviour on your site, video content conveys information quickly, persuasively and keeps them there longer.

Agencies are the Cost Effective Solution

The vast majority of companies won’t have in house teams to put together video content, whether it is for online purposes, on the landing page or home page of a website for example, or whether it is for a broadcast commercial. This is both for reasons of budget (why pay for a team of experts on your wage bill for a whole year when you’re only likely to need them for short periods of it) and also because agencies offer a level of additional expertise having done this so many times before, and likely for clients, or purposes, like yours. This previous knowledge of what’s required to make your video work is part of the expertise that you pay for with an agency, whereas an in house team might not be able to boast experience from working with the breadth of projects.

Using an agency is the cost effective solution for creating tailored video content for your needs, without having to put up the money for a permanent in house team. Depending on your budget, there are also further ways to make your money go further.

Considering the Different Video Options

Many video agencies offer a variety of different services when it comes to the creation and style of the video. Using character animation and motion graphics for example is a very cost effective way of creating video. The reduced cost from camera equipment and editing, lighting and the need for a team either in the studio or on site is noticeable in the price. That’s not to say that all video that use some digital graphics are cheaper.

At the other end of the spectrum is the higher budget option of mixing camera footage with sophisticated animation or computer generated imagery. Some of the more spectacular adverts seen on television feature a mix of footage and animation, with the increase in cost of production largely dictated by the need for more photorealistic imagery to go along side real imagery. Whilst the blend of cartoon style graphics with organic footage might be an interesting look to play with, if the situation isn’t right, it can look incongruous.

Finding the Right Video Agency for your Needs

Ask colleagues or contacts in the industry for recommendations or search for an agency to work with in your area, most cities will have a concentration of video and content agencies to choose from, giving you options to consider and a variety of price points. In Leeds for example, there’s Manto Films , Motiv Productions  and Doodle Direct, who all specialise in creating video content, whether its animated ‘explainer’ videos, or client testimonials or case study films. So have a look at your agencies examples and consider whether the budget options might work for your campaign, or if you might need to invest in a top of the range piece of video.

Business Focus #1: Manufacturing & Packaging

We present a series of articies focusing on specialist industries.  Our first is the packaging industry, one which affects so many businesses.

What is contract packing?
http://www.marsdenpackaging.comIf you’re in the early stages of setting up your own business the chances are that you’ll have started to put some thought to how you’re going to package your products as well as to your manufacturing website. The world of packaging can prove to be a minefield for the uninitiated and if you’re feeling a little daunted, hopefully this article will shed some light on the world of contract packing and packaging services.
Contract packing (or co packing) is simply a cover-all term used to describe a range of packaging services, from gift packing for special events, through to hand packing and the assembly of packaged goods into point of sale displays. Contract packing services are offered by a range of professional packing companies based throughout the UK and by knowing which types of packaging services are available; you’ll be well on the way to finding the best packaging for your product.
The services offered by contract packing companies vary hugely according to the size and scope of their operation. However, bagging services are widely offered and involve filling and then sealing pre-printed or clear bags with products such as sweets, crisps or snacks. Bagging can also be used to package a number of smaller items such as toys, safety razors or household items.
You might come across contract packing companies who offer a multi-head weighing service, designed to be used in combination with a bagging service. Highly controllable computerised weighing machines are used to fill and then weigh bags to ensure complete consistency across each bagging ‘run’.
Flow wrapping is a highly cost effective way to pack multiple products together and is often used contain and protect items for insertion in a box or rigid outer-packaging. Flow wrapping is also ideal for wrapping small items for inclusion with larger items – think of the free gifts you often find in boxes of breakfast cereals – and can also be used to package food products or cosmetics.
Shrink wrapping is a way to wrap several items together, either for display or to reduce the risk of damage in transit or from tampering. Shrink wrapping products can also be used to attach a promotional item or a free gift to another item. Overwrapping is used to protect an inner package -usually cardboard – and can help to extend the shelf-life of the product within, whilst also being an effective way to contain the smell of highly scented products or perfume.
Point of sale assembly is a service which can be used to group items together for display, either at a supermarket checkout, on the end of an aisle or mid-shelf, behind a bar or on a counter or customer-service desk. The most widely used form of point of sale packaging is clip-stripping where bagged items are suspended from a plastic strip, ready for sale.
This article covers just some of the wide range of contract packing services available in the UK. If you would like further advice on the most appropriate packaging for your product, why not get in touch with a contract packing company near you? offer a nationwide service.