Take away Value: Promotional Products

In our last blog we took a look at some of the more traditional physical ways of getting your products in front of audiences and grabbing their attention with balloon displays and window dressing. We’re continuing this theme of real world marketing approaches this month, with a low down on some ideas for giveaway marketing materials.

The first pointer we’d make here is not to be derivative with the choice of materials you create to distribute. Whilst for business to business marketing, perhaps more office oriented freebies such as the traditional go-to option of branded pens might be appropriate, is this going to stick in the memory of a business to consumer audience? It’s likely to be lost and forgotten and unless your business is oriented around stationary then your unlikely to trigger any sort of memory or association in the mind of your audience, which is the real purpose of this marketing strategy.

Tying the giveaway product to your business somehow ought to be a priority in your planning. Have a brainstorm. You’ll be surprised at the variety of marketing products which are available to brand with your logo or messaging. Everything from memory sticks, small toys, booklets bags, gloves, pet products, puzzles and various other novelty items can be found. For inspiration, have a look through the catalogue of a promotional products creator, GoPromotional and OutstandingBranding are two recognised suppliers, but a quick Google search will likely find a more local supplier who’ll be able to guide you through the process.

Promotional Badges

For non governmental organisations, charities and other groups promoting membership for example, pin badges are a good method, allowing people to display their support and creating a public familiarity with the branding of different groups and contributing the awareness drive. This isn’t just an approach to be taken for charities and other organisations. Brands can also benefit from this kind of exposure and with several options for different styles of badge presentation to suit your brand and messaging, from classic button badges to enamel pin badges, you can be sure to find something which is ideal for a giveaway to the public.

Finding your audience

Once you’ve settled on promotional product which properly matches your brand and objectives, the next stage is to settle on a location to give these away where they’ll find a relevant audience. Giveaways in public spaces with heavy footfall is one approach for mass market promotion. If your product or service is more niche however, a more targeted strategy might be required to ensure that your giveaways aren’t wasted. Finding a specialist agency in promotion or product sampling might be a good start and take some of the logistical pressure off getting your product out to the chosen market. This is especially true of those who opt for a product sampling direction.

Otherwise, a good tack is often to target trade shows, conferences and other occasions where relevant audiences are gathered together within the framework of an event. Getting in touch with organisers and offering to contribute free materials to attendees can nail you a winning delivery channel through to your target audience. We’ve all been given a canvas bag with course materials and branded products at the end of a conference or training course and this is a great place to start when targeting select groups.

The lesson here is that whilst getting a good choice and good quality of product made is vital, unless these reach a relevant audience it is money wasted! Both sides of the equation need to be brought together to ensure success.