The Importance of Marketing in Recruitment

The discipline and industry of marketing and PR are broadly divided into two areas. Business to Consumer marketing and Business to Business marketing. An area of Business to Business (or B to B) marketing that is sometimes overlooked, or rather an advantageous side effect of it, is the way it aids recruitment.

The art of managing your reputation and building your profile within your industry and to other businesses requires a different set of skills and emphasis from selling to consumers and to the public at large. Whilst B to B marketing will enhance the impression that potential clients and partners in the industry will have of you, it also shapes the way you’re considered by the employees of rivals. You need to project the qualities and culture of your company it such marketing materials, not only because this will be a factor in other business’ making decisions on whether they want to work with you, but because an industry is made of up of potential future employees.

If you’re a marketing agency with an emphasis on B to B clients then this is a factor which you need to make the most of when making a case to your clients. In terms of selling the merits of your work, curating a positive impression of your clients business to the industry’s talent pool is often overlooked but actually significant. Most companies you’ll deal with will consider this an element of human resources work, and it might not even be something that an in house marketing team would consider. To them, this is something that a recruitment agency will deal with, rather than a marketing one.

The lesson here is that a good agency in either marketing or recruitment will understand the relationship between the two. If you look at an agency such as Peak Recruitment for example, who specialise by industry and region, an element of their work which they emphasise is the way that they sell the company to the talent pool in their respective industry’s. Enticing the best talent for the top positions, especially for younger company’s requires an element of marketing to really sell the benefits and opportunities of working at your or your client’s company.

Don’t undersell the benefits that your B to B marketing work has on creating a promising and enticing profile of your clients business, not just to the market but to the industry’s top talent, if they want their company to thrive, their reputation amongst industry professionals is the corner stone to their success. Make sure this is another factor you can flag to hit home the quality of service you offer.